We’re integrating biology and technology to deliver new treatments for type 2 diabetes

About Fractyl

Fractyl is a leader in creating innovative treatments to address the root cause of type 2 diabetes. Leveraging our groundbreaking insights about the role of the intestine in metabolic disease, we are developing and commercializing entirely new treatment approaches to type 2 diseases and other metabolic diseases.

Our Name

Fractals are complex patterns created by simple processes. Such patterns are seen throughout nature, from snowflakes to lightning bolts. The name Fractyl reflects the fact that metabolic diseases, though seemingly complex, can be simply understood from their roots in the duodenum.

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Our leaders have a wealth of expertise across all stages of therapeutic development and commercialization. Through our accomplished Board of Directors, investors, and scientific advisors, we have access to some of the most insightful minds in the global scientific and biopharma landscape.

Management Team

Harith Rajagopalan, MD, PhD Open

Harith Rajagopalan, MD, PhD

Co-founder and CEO

Margaret Borys Open

Margaret Borys

Chief Commercial Officer

Jay Caplan Open

Jay Caplan

Co-founder and President

Lisa Davidson Open

Lisa Davidson

Chief Financial Officer

Juan Carlos Lopez-Talavera, MD, PhD Open

Juan Carlos Lopez-Talavera, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Officer

Jon Fitzgerald Open

Jon Fitzgerald

Vice President of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

Len Rosberg Open

Len Rosberg

Vice President of Manufacturing

Kelly White, PharmD Open

Kelly White, PharmD

Vice President of Clinical and Medical Affairs

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