We’re pioneering dramatically different treatment approaches for metabolic disease

Our Mission

The diabetes epidemic continues to grow globally, incurring devastating personal and societal costs. Fractyl Health was founded to address both of these realities. We envision a healthier society, one that is free of metabolic disease. Our mission, therefore, is to prevent and reverse metabolic disease by targeting its underlying root causes, aiming to change the trajectory of metabolic disease toward better health for patients and society.


Our lead program, Revita DMR, is a first-in-class procedural therapy targeting the root cause of type 2 diabetes in the duodenum, which is the first portion of the small intestine. Recent scientific advances have demonstrated that the duodenum is a critical metabolic control organ that regulates the body’s metabolic function. Revita DMR is a minimally invasive procedural therapy that aims to control abnormal duodenal signaling that leads to type 2 diabetes. Over more than a decade of development, Revita DMR has been studied in clinical trials of close to 300 patients.

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